Sunday, August 18, 2013

A New Adventure Begins... Big Changes, but I'm Back!

       Wow!  I don’t know where to begin!  I have been MIA for a few weeks and I am sorry.  I was doing so well this summer keeping up with my blog and then I had some BIG changes happen a few weeks ago. 
      As many of you may know, I taught first grade in North Carolina for 8 years.  I moved to NC for a teaching job, right after graduating college.  I grew up in Ohio and knew that I wanted to at some point come back.  The most recent severe budget cuts in NC, not to mention the fact that I was still being paid my 4th year teaching salary, really got me looking elsewhere.  I applied a couple of place in Ohio, but really didn’t think anything would come of it.  I figured that next summer I would actually put in more effort to find a job up north. 
     Then, while laying at the pool on a Monday afternoon, I got a call asking for me to interview for a position in an amazing school district north of Columbus. Two days later I had a phone interview and two days after that I was officially offered the job! 
     So, while it may seem as I deserted my poor little blog, I have actually been extremely busy. My new school started this past week.  So I had one week to pack up my old classroom, say good-bye to friends, move, unpack my classroom and begin school!  It has definitely been a whirlwind! 
       I originally interviewed for a first grade position, but had been told it could possibly end up being third grade.  I did in fact get moved to third grade, and while I had an initial fear of kids that big, I am realizing that because they have been to school longer, the first few days of school are WAY LESS exhausting than when teaching first grade!
      I have already realized that at this school and in this district I am valued as a teacher.  Not just in my pay, but also in the freedom I have been given in "how" I teach and what materials I use.  Also, at the opening convocation for elementary teachers, one of the board members was brought to tears because he loves the district and what it does for kids.  
      I survived the first three days of school.  We started last Wednesday!  I found that the lake/beach is only a 5-minute drive from my school, and I have already had a day visit from my mom, which couldn’t have happened living 8 hours away!  PlUS... there are no shoe dress codes.  Yes, that means I get to wear flip-flops to work! :)  My old district was VERY strict on this topic!
     Stay tuned as my new adventures in 3rd grade start to unfold!  

- Michelle

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently...I Can't Believe It!

      I CAN’T believe that August is here!  As much as I am sad that August means that summer is almost over, I also love August.  It means a new year with new kiddos and BEST of all it is my BIRTHDAY month! I always tell my students that it is the best month of course for that reason.  
      I am linking up again with Farley for her August Currently Linky.  This is going to be a BUSY month, for sure.  
   In Chicago, I had the opportunity to hear Cara Carroll present and she showed us her Math Missions packet.  She JUST posted it today and I am going to grab a copy.  You should too.  It looked SO cute and I know my little ones would LOVE solving some math mysteries!  

I hope you enjoy your last days of summer!  

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