Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Two for Tuesday!


      I can't believe it, but this has been the longest hiatus that I have taken from blogging! This was one of my most difficult school years.  We all have the years that our students require more from us than we can possibly give them in the course of the school day.  This was one of those years.  So, when I did have free time, I didn't spend it blogging!  I also got engaged on New Years Eve!  The rest of my free time has gone to wedding planning and playing on Pinterest!
       Last week was my first week of summer break.  I am still tired and getting into the relaxation mode!  I've been trying to jump into my summer routines of reading, going to the gym, going to the pool, blogging a bit, tutoring, and running.  Most of all, I am back to the blogging world, just like Chalk One up for the Teacher is Bringing Back 2 for Tuesday! Each week teachers will put two products on sale for 50% off all day!  I am linking up today to put two of my products on sale.  

       My first product is one that I use EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Have you heard of Notice and Note or Reading Nonfiction by Kylene Beers and Robert Probst?  They are two of my favorite teacher resources EVER.  They have truly transformed my teaching.  The students are engaged as readers and are uncovering deeper meaning within the text.  I have created posters, that I use in my classroom.  This product is a bundle.  It includes posters from both the fiction and nonfiction books.  It will be on sale all day today for $2.25!  What a steal!

       My second product is one of my most popular, a novel study for Sarah Plain and Tall. This novel study is set up to be used in guided reading or as a read aloud book study. Grab this awesome resource today for only $1.50!  

I'm back! Thanks for stopping by today!  Please head over to my store and grab these steals!  

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