Sunday, March 30, 2014

Five for Friday on Sunday

       So, I planned on linking up on Friday, but I was SO excited that it I was officially on Spring Break, that I just couldn’t bring myself to sitting down at the computer! I am linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching, better late than never!  

 This past week we had some fun learning about Earth's Resources.  These were not all my ideas, but my one of my teammate's found some great activities that we used.

 1. The kids brought in soil from their yards and we had about 16 different soil samples to explore.  The soil samples varied in textures and dampness. The students determined the texture of each soil sample, the living or nonliving objects within the sample, and the level of moisture.  They LOVED this activity!!  It was a bit messy, but they just had so much fun and clearly learned that soil samples can be different,  that it contains living and nonliving things, and that soil allows air and water to move through it. One of my students said it was "THE BEST DAY EVER!" haha!

 2. My teammate found a great activity for soil layers where students use food to make a model representation of each layer.  They also LOVED this activity! I love using food in the classroom. The kids get so excited!

3. We have been working hard to use exit slips as a form of formative assessments, throughout our units.  This helps us to reteach when necessary and to inform parents about how there child is doing at mastering the standards.  You can grab a free copy  of our Earth's Resources Exit Slips, just by clicking on the picture below.  

4. This is not school related, but I went to my first MAjor League Soccer game this week!  It was a lot of fun and I just thought I would share.  My students were excited to hear that I had gone to the game, since I have some serious soccer fans in my room.

5. Last but not least, I am officially on SPRING BREAK!!!!!  I might agree with this:

If you are heading back to school tomorrow, have a great week!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Design

      This post is short but sweet!  I am SUPER excited to share my new blog design. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  Thank you Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs.  She did a fabulous job!  I have a few new pages as well.  I am hoping to set up my Freebies page with lots of goodies.  Make sure to check back when all my pages are up and running!

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