Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Camp Learn-A-Lot 2011

     So today we finished our 3rd day of camping.  I have to say that this year was just as fun as last, but a little more relaxing.  Last year I was SO stressed and worried to fit everything in.  This year, I just let it go and realized that what we had time for, was great.  (The kids don't know what they didn't do and it can always be saved for next year!!!)  
Most of all I learned a few things: 
1.        Campers work hard while camping and while cleaning up!! This year my campers helped take down the tent, clean up our fire, and they even rolled their sleeping bags up with very minimal help.  Normally, I wait until they have left and clean everything up on my own.  This made the clean-up process MUCH faster!
2.    Kickball is a wonderful camp game when you don't have specials.  
3.    Some of the students who have a difficult time on the "regular" days, turn out to be some of your best campers!  
4.  Merit badges (aka stickers) really influence student work.  
5.  First graders LOVE bugs that you can stick on your fingers!
6.      Relax and have fun.  So often I especially, stress and forget that camping is about relaxing, enjoying what is around you and having fun.  This camping trip, I remembered those few things and life was much more fun!  

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  1. I can't wait for Ian to come to Camp Learn ALOT!
    It was one of my favorite days when I taught first. Ours was Camp I Can Read! I have a great song for it...I think you could totally use it for your camp!


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