Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Two of Setting Up!

     I went to school today for DAY 2 of getting my room in order for the coming school year.  This was my second and my last day until we officially head back next Thursday for Teacher Workdays. As I sit here tonight I am totally wiped out and am a little scared for the next few weeks!  Never the less I feel even better about the state of my room.  All of my cubbies (aka storage units) are emptied and cleaned.  It is amazing how much dust can accumulate over 8 weeks! 
    This is a section of my cubbies.  Up above are the spaces where the students hang their backpacks.  Below they store extra markers, folders, supplies, and coats in the winter, etc.  I got the idea from a friend a few years ago to get these tubs. (Now I wish they were white, but too late!)  They were from the Dollar Tree and they are wonderful!!!! They hide all of the "junk" and even keep those bulky winter coats contained, that otherwise seem to make it to the floor.  The numbers are laminated and hot glued on the tubs and so far they have survived two years! :)  The funny thing was that I asked a student to clean out each tub at the end of last year.  I was a little surprised to find dust covering most of them and yes, crumbs, in a few of them!  GROSS! I guess I learned to check student work (aka cleaning abilities)!
So those that know me, know I am a little OCD and like things organized.  That can be difficult with a room full of 22 little ones.  I made these little cans in hopes to keep my pointers and dry erase markers organized.  I spray painted some cans, covered them in fabric and ribbon.  I then attached magnets on the back so that they can be moved around the white board!

These are Tuna cans that I did the same thing with!  Are you ever at the board and need a push pin or a magnet?  Well here is the solution.  I filled one with cute magnets and one with push pins.  Now, I won't go running to my desk and I won't have to have the magnets all over the board! :)
Ok...So here is my finalized reading area including my rugs and pillows!  Just ignore the books on the floor!  They are smoothing out the corners of my rugs after being rolled up for 8 weeks.  I love these rugs.  I bought them at Target before my first year teaching.  I was just telling my Mom today that they are probably about to begin their last year of service as the kids have left a few marks and really pulled up the corners.  Although, looking here at the picture they don't look too bad!

And finally, here is my new Focus Wall.  I can't wait for what is to come with this new adventure.

For those who are still on summer break, enjoy your last few days.  I have one week left of freedom! I think I hear the beach calling!


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