Monday, September 19, 2011

Author of the Month

      Wow!  It has been a long time since I have blogged!  Today was day number 17 and I finally feel as things are settling down and I am getting into the routines of this school year.
      I have a lot of different books in my library, however, I have a large number of books that belong to specific authors.  These authors just happen to write wonderful stories for first graders!  This summer I started creating an Author of the Month.  I have taken and written a little information sheet/questions about each author.  My goal is that beginning in a month or two the students will begin reading the Author of the Month's books and completing activities. (For example: comparing and contrasting two different stories or comparing the characters from those stories.)  As of right now the students are simply reading the books from the Author of the Month when they have free time.
     I created this using Smart Notebook, however, I printed each of the sheets and backed them with construction paper.  The information sheet on the current author is in a tub with the books for that author.  You can click on the caption below the picture and download the Smart Notebook File, print, and go!

The green tub at the top has my Author of the Month books!  The kids are loving reading Clifford books this month!

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