Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

April is here! I can't believe it!  The year seems to be flying by so quickly.  I am linking up, a few days late, with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the April Currently.  

Listening:  I came back from Cincinnati tonight and have been watching some of my DVR'd shows.  During school, I am always in bed early, so DVR lets me watch all of my shows.
Loving:  Spring Break- Not much else to say about that!  Spring break was this week and while I didn't go anywhere extravagant, I have gotten some rest.  When we go back we have two crazy weeks and then a week of testing.  So, this was what I needed in preparation for what is to come!
Thinking:  It is finally feeling like spring around here!  Yesterday it felt SO nice to spend time in the sunshine! My mom and I went for a nice walk along the river in Cincy and it was beautiful.  
Wanting: Spring break to last a little longer!  I've had some back issues this break and I would love to have a few days without my back pain, prior to going back to school!
Needing:  In Ohio, we have to give SLO's (Student Learning Outcomes).  These are used in part of our evaluation.  So, this year our school focused on writing as a school-wide SLO.  This means grading 25 persuasive letters.  I've started and have about 6 finished, but they take FOREVER to grade.  I've been putting it off all break.  Our data is due this coming week, so I am hoping to have them done before I go back.
EGGS-plain your name:  My blog is named Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom, because my name at school is Miss King!  One of my kids tells me every year that I should be Miss Queen instead of Miss King.  I always told them that I was the King of our kingdom at school.  


  1. Woot! I get to meet a fellow 3rd grade teacher through the Farley linky party!

    I know how you feel about having to grade the essays and prepare for a crazy week of standarized testing. I'm going to try to milk every second of my spring break!

    Good luck with the grading-n-testing!
    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

  2. We do SLO's too...we have all sorts of OTHER names for them as well! :) We are starting our break and then start testing the day after we get back. Yikes!

  3. I love your blog name! How perfect since your last name is king! Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  4. I am so glad you were inspired by Think Tank today! If you do begin to nudge your personal writing journey... I will be following! Just added myself to your long list of followers! Maybe we could think of a way to encourage each other to keep writing! Maybe participate in Slice of Life...start our own weekly writing posts...hmmmm....need to think on this one :) And to took Think Tank to meet even though we are in the same district! Happy Summer! Happy Writing!


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