Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Behavior Management Seuss Style!

I know I just wrote about Dr. Seuss activities, but it dawned on me today that we use Dr. Seuss and his rhymes every single day in my room!  Dr. Seuss is probably not who you think of when you think of behavior management, but this something that has worked for me for about four or five years now!  It especially works at the beginning of the year as we are learning how to line up and stand in line properly. 
                                                          You have Brains in your Head,
                                       You have Feet in your Shoes,
                                        You can Steer Yourself,
                                        Any Direction you Choose!

Hanging above my door is this poster that I purchased from one of the teacher stores.  At the beginning of the year, each time we line up, we say this poem, until it becomes natural that everyone is in line correctly.  It really works and the kids love it.  As you notice there are "footprints" all around the poster.  Instead of using a class marble jar or some other form of class reward system, my class earns "feet"!  Everytime they are caught doing a great job as a class or if they get a compliment from a teacher or staff member, we put up "feet"!  Just this past Friday, the students were able to dress as their favorite fairy tale characters or super heros as one of their rewards for filling up our poster. 

Most of all it reminds the students in a fun way that everything we do each day is a choice!

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