Friday, February 17, 2012

Dr. Seuss Linky Party

        Mrs. Bainbridge over at Mrs. Bainbridge's Class is having a Dr. Seuss Linky Party!  Click on her picture above to go to her site and see who else has joined up! 
        We will be celebrating the Dr. Seuss week in a couple of weeks and I thought I would share some of the things that I like to do that week.  I know so many people do similar activities like making Cat in the Hat snacks, hats, crafts, etc.  Here are a few things that we do at school that I thought might be a little different:
  • Students can bring in their own books and read them when they finish activities. 
  • Our grade level ( All 8 of the first grade teachers) rotate our students.  Each teacher reads a different Dr. Seuss book and the students complete an activity.  We do 30 minute rotations.  Some examples have been Horton Hears a Who (Students write about what they would tell a Who), Green Eggs and Ham (We listen to the story, eat green eggs and ham, and collect data on whether we liked it or not.), Fox in Socks (They listen to the story and work with rhyming words.), etc. 

I have done the Green Eggs and Ham rotation the past few years and I LOVE this activity!  The kids are either totally grossed out or think I am crazy....because "AHH Miss is just food coloring", in the words of fabulous first graders!  Of course I try to convince them otherwise!

  • Another activity that I love to do with my students is having a READ-A-THON.  In 5th grade my teacher held read-a-thons each quarter.  We brought sleeping bags or blankets and spread out across the room.  I LOVED these days.  We would read and journal all day long.  All day is a bit much for first graders, but generally they can last an hour or two (depending on the group that year).    For the READ-A-THON, students bring in sleeping bags, pillows, and most importantly their favorite Dr. Seuss books.  The students have a recording sheet and their goal is to read and record at least 10 different Dr. Seuss books either independently or with a friend.  The kids love this activity.  How often do we get to lounge around and just read for pure enjoyment? This is fantastic!
  • Last year it just happened that Dr. Seuss day landed on our pajama day too!  The kids earned a reward and this was the perfect day to wear pajamas!
    Click HERE to get your READ-A-THON recording sheet!  The students record the title of the book and if they read the book to themself, to a friend, or to a stuffed animal.  I have close to 10 Dr. Seuss stuffed animals.


  1. Thanks for linking up to share your ideas! I've never actually done the green eggs & ham thing... but I'd love to try it!

    Love your blog design too!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  2. We did the green eggs and ham last year! Soooo much fun!

    First Grade Delight


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