Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lorax Freebie!!

 Head over to IHop for Lorax bookmarks!

On Friday our Literacy Facilitator mentioned that in honor of Seuss week, IHop is giving away bookmarks to children.  She said she went in and they gave her a handful for free!  So I stopped by there today and was amazed at how giving they were!  I have not counted, but I am guessing they gave me about 300 booksmarks for FREE!!

They are Lorax bookmarks in honor of the new movie coming out this Friday. The top of the Truffula Trees are orange papers that contain tree seeds that can be planted.  How excited will the kids be to get these?!?!

To make things even better, they gave me coloring pages AND the cardboard box is FILLED with crayons.  They are the cheap waxy kind, but hey they were free!

Stop over and ask if they are willing to give some away.  It never hurts to ask!!


  1. Those look so great, our entire Primary Division is going to see The Lorax this Friday. I am in Canada so no IHOP here :( Enjoy your freebies !!!

  2. Thanks! How fun! I wish we could go to the movie too. I am hoping that it comes out on DVD before school gets out! :)


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