Friday, October 19, 2012


      This year our school is focusing on independent reading and writing about reading.  At this point the students are reading independently and continuously for about 5-10 minutes with a few reminders about "what good readers look like".  Our fabulous First Graders are doing an amazing job writing about reading, but this is their first real experience writing about their own reading.  The students are writing in response journals at least once a week and we are working towards journal writing every day.  That is our goal by the end of the year. 
      Our students are supposed to list the date and title of the book that they are reading in their journals.  This was somewhat difficult for our students.  They do better when  given guidelines or a template in which to work.  After seeing some great examples of teaching points for older students, on Pinterest, I decided to type the teaching point that we are focusing on, as well as a space for the date and the title of the book.  The students glue in the teaching points and then respond about their independent reading book.  This has helped each student organize his/her reading responses in his/her journal.
      Click below on the picture to download the teaching points that I have created.  Some may need to be altered for your kiddos!  We are using the Scott Foresman Reading Street as a method for teaching the first grade Common Core Standards.  At this point my teaching points are related to and follow the scope and sequence of the Scott Foresman.  My goal is to update these as the year goes on as well as list the Common Core standard that each one addresses. 
      Click HERE to get a copy of the teaching points that have already been created!

Here are a few examples of the teaching points in our journals:

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