Monday, October 29, 2012

Vote for Somebody!

      It's voting time and I voted early on Saturday!  I loved teaching about the Presidential Election four years ago.  This is the second time in my teaching career that I have been teaching during a Presidential Election.  Last Election I created a lapbook to do with my first graders about voting and the President. Our basic goal is that the students understand what it means to vote and how it is a right as a citizen of the United States. 
      We will read My Teacher for President, Duck for President, and listen online to Arthur Meets the President on KOL JR online.  The students will compare and contrast me to the President of the USA.  (They love doing this!)  The students will write what they would do if they were the President.  (Four years ago, I had a student who told me he plans to be the President some day. He said that he would end the Iraq War and give food to those who were hungry.  I don't doubt that he may just very well be the President!  He said those things as a 6 year old!) They will define key terms and sort between community leaders and words that describe those community leaders. The lapbooks turned out really cute last time!  Here are a few pics of an example of our lapbook.

     We try to make voting relevant to the students by having them vote about items that are interesting to them.  Over the next week, our students will vote on a variety of topics and place their ballots in our ballot box.

Click HERE to get your copy of our ballots!  We vote about things like Oreo cookies, ketchup, and super powers!  This helps each student understand that his/her voice is important!
     About a week or so ago, my Mom emailed me a link to this video.  I absolutely love it!  Not only do I love when kids are singing, but when they are singing about an important message.  Younger students will enjoy it and understand the basic message behind it. Enjoy!

Only a week left until Election Day.  Our students will vote for the President tomorrow.  Remember to get out there and vote!

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