Saturday, September 7, 2013

Five for Friday...I'm Back (I promise this time!)

      I know I blogged a few weeks ago and told you I would no longer be MIA, but that didn’t happen!  School happened!  I have been SUPER busy with school, getting settled in a new city, trying to get my apartment pieced together, celebrating my birthday, and traveling back to Charlotte for a wedding.  So, I am FINALLY BACK and for good this time...I PROMISE!  Here I am for Five for Friday.  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five events from the last week. 
      I decided, however, to share five random things from my last month and they aren't all school related, but they tell you what I have been up to!  I know I am breaking the rules, but I have been MIA! I have a ton to share, so here I go, rule breaking and all!
1.  While my new school is not old, it does have some features that make it feel older!  It has an actual chalkboard instead of a dry erase board and the furniture is very dark.  When I first walked in the room, I thought that I HAD to brighten up this room and here is how it turned out:

2.  I celebrated my birthday and for the second time since I started teaching, I did not have school that day!  We went kayaking, to the Columbus Clippers game, and then I had as surprise visit from my Mom!  

3.  This past weekend I traveled back down to Charlotte for a friends Wedding and it was a great time! It was what I needed to take my mind of working for a few days! 

4. The little things make a HUGE difference. My new school lets us wear jeans on Fridays which we could do at my old school.  BUT...we don't have any real dress code on shoes, which means flip flops are allowed.  
      I thought it couldn't get better, but it did!  Our school has a summer field trip program that they started this past summer.  We have a number of students who, due to cultural or financial reasons, have not had opportunities to have experiences that some other kids may have had.  Therefore, the school funded field trips for these students and teachers volunteered to chaperone the trips.  Last year the Service Committee collected money each month for different charities and teachers could donate and wear jeans on Wednesdays.  This year, all money collected will go to funding the field trips for our students next summer, which is a great cause and who doesn't LOVE wearing jeans twice a week?!  

5.  Number five isn't much...but it is a confession!  So far, I am loving third grade.  Yep, I said it! No one probably would have expected me to admit this yet, but I really do like it.  The kids are independent, but still need my direction (A LOT).  I have a lot of struggling students and they are near and dear to my heart.  Teaching first grade has given me the background to know where they are and what I can do to help them get to where they need to be.  I used to teach a lot of advanced students and working with them has helped me to know what to expect from my average and higher 3rd graders.  It seems to all be working out for the best!  Stay tuned as the year goes on to find out about my adventures in 3rd grade.  

Happy Saturday!! 


  1. Cute pictures! It looks like you had a blast at the wedding. I'm glad you're back on. I missed you!

  2. Congratulations on all of the big stuff going on in your life this year! I would love to be able to wear jeans twice a week!

  3. Your room looks great! I love all the bright colors.

    Our principal lets us wear jeans on Friday as well. I don't always take advantage of it, but it's nice to know that it is an option given to us out of appreciation for all of our hard work.

    Have a great week!

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