Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently...You Know What That Means...

      How is it possibly August already??  Just the other day it was May 23rd and we were getting out of school!  AHHH!  Well, since it is August that means it is time for the August Currently with Farley.  You know what that means?!?!  IT means that back to school season is here.  Here it goes!
Listening: I am listening to my stomach growling while I type!  I am the kind of person that when I wake up, I need to eat something right away, even if it is something little. I have been eating a lot of eggs with lots of veggies, this summer and trying not to eat cereal so much. 

Loving:SUMMER!  What? People love summer?!?! Haha!  This was the FIRST EVER Summer that I did NOT work!  It was fabulous.  I think I could get used to this whole not working thing.  I did work on my TpT products and blogging, but I didn't actually get another job, which was amazing and I am already looking forward to doing the same thing next year!

Thinking:I hate making appointments, calling places, running errands, etc. once school starts.  Our school starts late, so by the time we get out and I get a few things done in my classroom it is usually after 5 pm.  I have gotten a TON of things accomplished this summer, but I have a few more things I should try to do this summer before summer is actually over!

Wanting: I had a couple wonderful massages this summer and one awesome pedicure. I am thinking that I want to get another pedicure and a massage before the hustle and bustle of school begins!

Needing:Summer to last just a little bit longer.  This coming week is my last week of summer vacation and I have to go to two or three days of PD.  I do get additional credits through a university for this course, but I was bummed to see that it is during my last week of freedom.  Hopefully, this last week is relaxing and SLOW!

1st Day for you and the kids: The first day for teachers is August 11th and the kiddos come on August 13th.  I only have ONE more week of break. :(  Good news though, is that my school gets out before Memorial Day, which is AMAZING!  I would rather start early and get out early. I am usually ready to go back with all of the back to school excitement, but am eager for summer once May hits!


  1. I'm with you... I am trying to get a lot of "stuff" crammed in before I become of one mind that's only on teaching. I have some kind of medical check-up appointment each week thru August so I get em out of the way. See you around! Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. It's so hard to get appointments and errands done during the school year... ugh! Our hours aren't exactly flexible in that you can come in late one day because you have to run to the dentist! Congrats on having a summer with no 'extra' job... it truly is an amazing feeling. Although it can always be nice to have extra money, every teacher deserves a summer with nothing but what they want! Enjoy your last few days. :)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. O-M-G a massage/mani/pedi combo day sounds SUPERB. I'm melting just thinking about it! Enjoy your last weeks before returning to school!
    It's Elementary, My Dear!

  4. This is my first time stopping by! I am SO jealous you all get out before Memorial Day. I'm with you on starting early & getting out early! Last year we didn't get out until June 9! Crazy snow. A massage & pedi sounds so relaxing before school starts. I've never had a professional massage, but keep telling myself I need to get one! Good luck getting everything done before school starts. :-)


  5. Hello! Just found your blog through the linky! I see you're an Ohio blogger too! So great to find you! Hope you have a fabulous year!



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