Saturday, August 9, 2014

Five for Friday- Bye, Bye Summer!

      I CAN’T believe it is already time.  Teachers start school this Monday.  We have a teacher workday on Monday, Meet the Teacher Night on Monday night, and meetings on Tuesday.  Wednesday, the kiddos come!  While I am excited for the new year to begin, I have REALLY enjoyed my summer.  This was truly the FIRST summer that I was able to do what I wanted to do ALL the time!!  It was amazing!!
      This past week, I was signed up for a few days of training, but I also made time to do some things that I enjoy.  I decided, though, that this week I would do my Five for Friday a LITTLE differently than normal.  I am going to share five things that I will miss during the school year! Head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see who else is linking up for Five for Friday!

1.  Trips to the beach-  This summer I made a trip down to Charlotte (where I used to live) and my friend and I went to the beach. I was hoping to make a second trip down this summer, but it didn't happen.  I don't think I will be back at the beach until the spring. 

2.  Biking and running- I know that I will work hard to keep these up during the school year, but as the days get shorter it becomes harder and harder to always get out there and I end up usually just going to the gym.  There is something about running or biking in the woods that is actually peaceful instead of just exercising.  

3.  Crafting!  I don't know about you, but I am WAY, WAY more crafty during the summer, especially because I have so much more time.  So one thing I need to try to do a little more of during the year is crafting. :)

4.  Trips WHEREVER!!  This summer I made a few trips down to Cincinnati, saw family, went to baseball games, etc.  I went up to Cedar Point and Put-in-Bay.  The point is that I was flexible to take some little trips and those were great!

5.  Ahhh The Pool- This summer I spent a lot of time READING by the pool.  I am going to have to keep reading by the pool until it closes, because I CAN'T keep staying up late reading.  I will never survive the first few weeks staying up until 11 reading.  I am planning on spending a few afternoons after school, hopefully, reading by the pool.  This is definitely something I LOVE to do during the summer.

I had 11 weeks of summer vacation and they really did help me to relax and prepare to begin fresh for a new year!  I am hoping to keep blogging as often as I had during the summer, but if during the next few weeks I am MIA, you know why!  


  1. Looks like you've had a great summer! Best luck for a great school year!

    Life As I Know It

  2. Looks like your summer was wonderful! I especially love how you shared the 5 things that you are going to miss. I might have to 'steal' that idea for when I go back to school in a couple of weeks. Good luck with everything and keep us updated as often as you can on what you're up to!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

    1. You should do that too! Thanks! I'm going to try to keep updated, at least more than last year!

  3. Have a great first day! You have done a wonderful job this summer even though you say you didn't work! Ha! I know better! Enjoy your new kids and just breathe!

  4. Hey girl! I just tried to leave a comment, but it didn't show up. So if it happened to go through, just ignore, lol. So yes, you are right down the road from me! I'm at Polaris ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously. We should get together for coffee or shopping sometime! I saw you have your first teacher day today!?!? Our first teacher day is NEXT Thursday and the kids start the 25th. I hate to see summer go. :( Have a great first week! Sending lots of positive vibes for your first day!!!

    Permanently Primary

    1. Sarah, enjoy your last few days and best if luck with the new school year! Yes Polaris is great, but it would be better if I lived a little farther away! It can be too tempting! We should get together sometime, that would be fun!


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