Saturday, July 2, 2016

Five for Friday- July 1st!

    Well, summer is in full swing and almost halfway over! I can't believe how fast the summers seem to fly by.  I am a little late again, linking up, but I'm here! This post really doesn't have much to do with school, but instead just my love of the summer.  Take a look at my week, then head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone has been up to this week!

1. My two favorite places to "work" during the summer are at the pool and the beach.  Yes, when I go to the beach each summer, I pack a few work related reads. Whether I am at the pool or the beach, it makes "working" so much easier and more relaxing.  I am currently reading through The Reading Strategies Book.  Last year I used some of the reading engagement strategies when they were introduced to me by our Title 1 teacher.  I am excited to jump in with some of these strategies this year, now that I have the book.  I also have been busy working on my TpT products at the pool, too.  I like to create drafts on scratch paper, so the pool is a perfect office space!

2. Last night we went to Red, White, and Boom!  This is a huge festival and firework show in downtown Columbus.  We had a great time!  It was PERFECT weather and now that they have the riverfront park finished, it was not as crowded as last year.  

3.  I try and keep my self motivated with running each summer, by trying to beat last year's mileage for that month.  I was so excited this June!  I not only beat my last year's mileage for June, I blew it out of the water!!  Now, this does include some stops for breathers and some walking here and there, but overall, it was mostly running.  So excited to say that I hit over 85 miles this month!! :) I am not a huge selfie taker, but when I hit the 80 mile mark, I was super excited and snapped a pic at my favorite running spot!

4. This week, my friend asked me to send her some pictures of my fiancee and I, so I went searching on an old flash drive for some old ones.  I found this one from 8 years ago this September!  He was living in Houston and we would go running down by Rice University.  This particular day, we were checking out the stadium and took a picture next to the Rice sign.  It just so happens that my fiancee's last name is Rice! :)  So, I thought it was perfect timing to share this photo because our wedding will be a year from yesterday! 

5. In all my wedding preparations, I have been waiting to reserve the garden for our wedding until exactly 365 days.  Well, it is official. I was able to book the garden on Friday!  I was so excited.  Here is a peak at where the ceremony will be next July!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!  

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