Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crafting Inspired by Target $1 bins!

    Growing up I was a Crafty Queen!  As I've become an adult I've lost some of my desire as well as the time to "create".  Looking at so many amazing blogs and classrooms has inspired me to get on the band wagon again!  While at Target in the $1.00 section, I found a package of four write and wipe off strips.  Each cardboard piece is double-sided with two handwriting lines.  I then took them home and created my NEW sign for Writer's Workshop. 
     I have gone back and forth about how I have students share their stories in writing.  So many people have a place for students to sign-up to read aloud to the class.  I decided that I would try it this year.  Students who are ready to share their work with the class can put their name on the list, pin their story to the bottom of the bulletin board and await their chance to share their story with the class, during Writer's Workshop!
Take a look around those $1.00 bins, get motivated, and start crafting away!

Ignore the window ledge and blinds at my house!  I simply took a bulletin board, covered it with fabric.  Then took the four writing lines and covered the edges with fabric.  Added a little ribbon to the edges and there it
is !  (In the picture the lines look a tad bit crooked...but in person they look great! I guess I need to keep working on my photography!)

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