Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time to Sing

     Miss Kindergarten is having a linky party for those that sing in their classrooms!  Anyone that knows me, knows that I sing and chant all day long!  Unfortunately, I  have one of the WORST singing voices ever.  I was blessed with talents in other areas, but singing is NOT one of them.  However, I love singing at school.  The kids could careless whether I am ready or not for American Idol.  So we sing songs all the time, but mostly when learning concepts that are new or tricky.  I use songs for telling time, money, counting, etc.  We all know that songs are one of the best ways for children to retain information!
          I usually use songs that I find, rather than creating my own.  A really great group for kids is called the Banana Slug String Band.  They are these crazy guys who sings songs about science.  I have one of their cd's, Singing in our Garden.  It is wonderful!  My two favorite songs are Dirt Made My Lunch and Six Plant Parts.  The kids absolutely LOVE these songs too.
      Another really great singer is called Harry Kindergarten.  He has his own site on You Tube. This year we used the 3-D shapes video, skip counting, adding, science, and character education songs.  The kids think he is hilarious!   We switched classes for math this year, based on academic abilities.  I would play the 3-D shapes song at the beginning of the class as students came in the room and got unpacked and received their new homework.  He now has a 2-D shape song.
Watch the video and then click on his name above to go to his You Tube sight!  Check him out!


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