Monday, July 18, 2011

My Summer Vacation

 So The Clutter Free Classroom is having a Linky Party and today is all about our summer vacations!  As a teacher I have to say that as sad as it is to see my little ones go in June, I LOVE summer as a way to rejuvenate and prepare for the coming year.  For me this has been one of the most low-key summers in a long time.  Here are a few things I have been up to!

  • I am a nanny for a family of three.  I have watched their kids for five summers!  
  • I tutor two children once a week.  I really enjoy working with these kiddos!
  • Anyone who knows me that on my days off or any moments I have free I am at the POOL.  This has been a really hot summer and I can say that I have spent many hours laying poolside with a book in my hand.  I absolutely love reading and over the five weeks I have been out of school, I have probably read 10 books.  Me, the pool, and a good book! That's all I really need!
  • I have been to the National White Water Center a lot.  This place has tons of hiking trails that I like to hike and run on.  They have rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and more.  I really enjoy spending time there!
  • Most of all I love to travel.  This summer I haven't really taken any trips, but I hope to make it to the beach before summer ends.  With the beach only 3 hours away I know I will make it there even for just one day! 
  • I am a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, but down here in NC we don't have any major league baseball teams.  We do however, have the Charlotte Knights and we like to go to a lot of their games.  They are fun, maybe not as good as the majors but still a good time. 
Charlotte Knights Stadium on July 4th!  
  • Last summer my boyfriend and I started canning our own foods.  This year we have already canned salsa, bread and butter pickles, frozen peaches and blueberries and I am sure there will be more to come!
  • I have also done a ton of blog-stalking!  As a fairly new blogger I am in love with the blogs out there that have so much to share and I hope to someday work up to them!
I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer!  I can't believe that I only have four weeks more of vacation.  The time is going by so fast.  Hopefully the next few weeks will involve a trip to the beach, more time at the White Water Center, and a little more time at the pool!

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