Sunday, April 14, 2013

Five for Friday...A Little Late!

Five for Friday
     I am back with another Five for Friday, except I am EXTRA late this week!  Sorry for the delay!  I had full intentions of posting this blog Friday evening, but it never happened.  So, better late than never.  Here are five random things from this past week. Click on the picture to head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching.

       1.  I have mentioned a few times that I have a student teacher.  If you have had one before, you know how wonderful it can be to get some projects done with your extra time.  So, you can imagine the panic I felt when I realized my project list keeps growing, but she finished her full time this Tuesday!!!  AHH!  So, I got back on track with making sure my biggest projects get finished.  I spent a LOT of time this week purging my files and getting rid of multiple copies of certain items.  I also went through and took the files that were breaking and old and replaced them with new ones.  My files are all organized and ready for the end of the year and next school year!
       2.  This week my kiddos were reading a story about dinosaurs and we are also in the midst of our geometry unit, so they created a Shape-O-Saurus during centers.  They had to create their own dinosaur using a pattern block template and then label the shapes.  They turned out really cute!
      3.  Our county's Arts Council provides our schools with performances each year that our students can view for free.  We take a trip to one of the local high schools to see this performance.  Every other year we see Roger Day.  He is a musician and the kids LOVE him!  He sings funny songs that they think are hilarious.  Check out his website:
      4.  This is not school related, but Friday night we went to see our local Minor League baseball team play!  We were going to go on Thursday for the home opener, but there was a threat of storms so we held off until Friday.  It was a beautiful evening.  I have to say that ever since I was little, one reason I've loved baseball games has nothing to do with baseball.  I happen to be a big fan of ballpark food!  My mom and I would go get food and my brother would stay in our seats and keep score!

      5.  100 Followers!  This week I reached 100 followers!  Woo Hoo!  This was such an exciting week for me.  I would like to have a giveaway in honor of reaching this milestone.  If you are interested in donating an item to the giveaway, please let me know!  I would love your help!  You can comment in the post with your email at which I can contact you, or you can email me directly at  Thank you!!

I promise to not be SO late next week!

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