Saturday, July 27, 2013

iMovie Ideas- Chicago's Extraordinary Educator Conference

      So, I told you that my plan is to slowly, but surely, share some of the wonderful bits of information that I learned while at SDE’s Extraordinary Educator Conference in Chicago.  I attended SO many wonderful sessions.  Today I am going to share with you my what I learned at one of my first sessions.  
     One of my first sessions was with Lori Elliot.  The exciting part was that she was the reason why I was there! She was presenting and SDE gave her 10 tuition coupons to giveaway.  I WON!  I couldn't have been more excited!  I won the tuition for all 4 days of the conference.  This is a picture of us after her technology session that I attended.

     Today I am going share what I learned about iMovie.  I know, I know, you are probably thinking you already know how to use iMovie.  I used iMovie this year and a little last year to make videos FOR my students.  Her focus was on having the students use iMovie and the different types of videos that can be created.  
      I am very familiar with making iMovies, however, I had never made a trailer before.  Have you?  When you get started, instead of clicking to start a new movie, you choose to start a new trailer.  
     She showed us some examples of trailers that were created by students.  Here are some ideas for ways students can use trailers:
  • Create a trailer about your favorite book.  Persuade friends to read this book.  The student could take pictures of the book, with the iPad, and insert those in the trailer. 
  • Create a trailer about a character in a book and how that character changes throughout the text.
  • Create a trailer instead of a typical book report. (more for older students)
  • Create a trailer about a historical event or national symbol. 
      As a first grade teacher, I knew that any ideas would have to be adapted for the little ones.  One of the teachers in our session suggested having students create their own trailer when they are student of the week.  They could import their own pictures and add text about their favorite things.  I LOVED this idea and I am hoping to implement it this year!  
      Another idea I had, was a teacher created trailer.  Every year, we have Back to School Night.  This takes place about a week or two into the school year.  All of the parents come to the classroom, without children, and learn about the curriculum, daily routines, expectations, etc.  If you are anything like me, I get VERY nervous speaking to a group of adults.  I can handle tons of first graders, but give me their parents and I start to panic!!  So, I thought about sharing a quick trailer with pictures from previous school years.  I thought this would introduce myself AND lighten the mood, before getting started!  I created my trailer yesterday and it took less than 30 minutes. 
      The best part about using trailers is that they give students a template to type into and tells them where to insert their pictures.  The trailers on the iPad versus a Mac Computer are slightly different.  They have different formats and music backgrounds, offering you a wide variety of options.  

Best of luck with your future iMovies and Trailers!  

There is still a lot more to come from my conference.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love it Michelle, can't wait to hear all about your experience!


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