Saturday, February 1, 2014

Five for Friday...on Saturday and PIN IT and Win IT!

      It’s time for another Five for Friday…uhh or Saturday! I am linking up a little late with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  This was a weird week for me.  Here goes...

1.  SNOW!!  I don't know about you, but my week started out with a TON of snow.  We got about 9 inches by the end of last weekend, giving us a snow day on Monday.  Then we had two more cold weather day, where temperatures were about -30 with the windchill.   So, I would say this made up a big part of my week!

2.  Hockey!  I went to my first NHL hockey game this week to see the Columbus Blue Jackets.  When I lived in Charlotte, NC, I used to go to a lot of Checkers games.  This was very different.   It was a lot of fun!

3.  Measuring the Floor!  I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back.  I taped off sections of my tile floor.  The students had to move around in groups and record the perimeter and area of the shapes that were created by the tape.  They loved doing this! It was interesting to see who discovered immediately that each square was a 12 by 12 square.  

4.  The Story of Area and Peri Meter!!  I LOVE any way to introduce topics that STICK!  This summer I had the opportunity to meet with Steve Reifman.  I met him at a SDE conference in Chicago.  I have since had the opportunity to read his book called Rock It!  This book has a great story to introduce Area and Perimeter.  These are my kiddos acting out the stories after we had heard them a few times! Area is a little girl who loves to lay flat on anything she sees. Peri Meter is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Meter.  He walks around the edges of everything he sees!

5.  February is Here and a Pin it to Win it!  When I taught first grade, I did a lot of thematic and seasonal activities.  I haven't done as much with those since I have been in third grade.  We are starting fractions at the end of the week and I may have to make some heart fraction activities, though!  My kids are already excited for Valentine's Day!  

      Are you ready for February?? I have two February book studies.  If you Pin it, you automatically win it!!  All you have to do is pin the product and leave a comment with your Pin's link and your email address! Click on the pictures to check it out on TpT.  :)

Yay for two day weeks! It was short and sweet!
- Michelle   

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  1. I saw your blog & had to stop by....I'm Miss King too & also in my 9th year! Yay indeed for 2 day work weeks. Stay warm,


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