Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday- September 26th

     It has been a few weeks since I posted on a Five for Friday, so I am sort of including the past couple of weeks, instead of just this week! I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.  I am so thankful for this weekly linky, even if I don't make it each week.  It still keeps me motivated to keep posting!

1. As we prepare for our first integrated unit of the year, focusing on nonfiction and life science, we spent this week doing a nonfiction text features review. Thursday and Friday were spent working with partners, digging through nonfiction texts, and determining how the text features we found, helped us to better understand the text.

2. Each math class, we start out with a warm up.  We do the same type of warm up each day of the week.  Every Monday is a number of the day, Tuesdays are word problems, Wednesdays are journal prompts, Fridays are Number Talks, and Thursdays are called The Answer Is...  This warm up is when we give a number (39) and expect students to come up with the word problem and a way to solve it.  We flex group for math and I am currently teaching a group of struggling math students.  The intervention specialist and I have taught them modified algorithms and number lines to solve addition and subtraction problems   There are a few examples of their work on The Answer Is... and it was great to see students using those strategies on this type of problem!  The first is called add going down.  The students add the tens, add the ones, and then add the tens and ones.  This works with hundreds, too! The second strategy is an open number line.  This student made hers backwards.  It should have started on the right and moved backwards, but that is ok!  She was able to understand what she was doing to find the correct answer.  My favorite subtraction strategy is called expanded subtraction, but I do not have a pic of my kiddos working on this, yet.

3. My view this past week, while walking at the lake and my NEW shoes!  They look EXTRA large in the picture!  You get the point, though!

4. Our school's biggest fundraiser is called Dance-A-Thon!  The kiddos loved this!  It takes place during our recess one afternoon and they have a professional DJ and dance instructor come in to run the activity. 

5. Last weekend, I went to the Columbus Crew game.  It was a GREAT soccer game. We were the first so many people in the stadium and received a free bobble head.  I took mine to school, only to have a few students SUPER excited to see that we had to have been there on the SAME night! haha As if I venture out to do things at night?!?! They were shocked.

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