Saturday, June 13, 2015

Five for Friday- Saturday Morning!

      While some of you, along with my friends down in NC, are just wrapping up their year this week, I am already three weeks into my summer vacation! Between PD that I signed up for, leadership team meetings, getting work done on my car, etc. the time is just flying by.  Summer needs to SLOW DOWN!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share what I have been up to during my third week of summer vacation!

1. On Monday I had a Professional Development class that I signed up for this summer.  Our district has courses that are mostly online and only require one face-to-face meeting.  The courses are informative and based on concepts or books that are current and popular in the educational community.  This past year I was able to take a variety of courses.  Some of them were on Number Talks, Notice and Note, Autism OCALI training, etc.  I am currently taking a couple of courses this way. Monday I started a class for Making Thinking Visible.  This is a great book and so far I am able to see how this will transform the parts of my day which need a change!

2. Not much more to say than that I have spent 3 or 4 afternoons this week running at this amazing park!  I have almost 30 miles so far this month!  Once I saw that, I decided that I would set a goal to run 70 miles in June!  I think this goal will push me to have some  longer runs a few days a week!  

3. The SUMMER heat is here!  People are already complaining, but not me!  I have not forgotten that about 4 months ago it was still snowing and frigid outside!  There are parts about each season that I truly enjoy and that is what I try to remember!  So when it is 90 degrees outside, instead of complaining, I spend my afternoons by the pool. :)

4. I've spent a ton of time this summer watching Netflix.  When I'm working on projects, folding laundry, etc. that is usually playing in the background. I never watched Parenthood while it was actually on T.V., but I recently started watching it on Netflix.  I just finished the last season that is on Netflix and am SO eager to see the final season!!!!

5. I had the privilege of going to a district-wide PD recently. The keynote speaker was Jason Hillman, head of the Literacy Collaborative as Ohio State and a previous teacher and principal.  He has had a lot of success turning around schools that were in need of a change. He was an amazing speaker with great ideas and motivation to change the culture for students and teachers, within our schools.  He suggested reading the book, Transforming School Culture.  I ordered a copy to be picked up at Barnes and Noble this week.  When I arrived, it wasn't there!!  They couldn't find it anywhere.  So, I ended up buying a digital copy and am really looking forward to reading this book!

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  1. Sounds a fab week - i especially love your running route - it looks beautiful!! We have 5 more weeks til we are on our summer holidays - can't wait!! Can't wait to get into Netflix again this Summer - i've never watched Parenthood may have to add this to my watch list!! Enjoy your summer and days by the pool!


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