Friday, August 14, 2015

Five for Friday- First Week of School!

      Well, the first week back to school is finally in the books and my 11th year teaching is on its way!  Today, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday to share a bit about my crazy first week back to school!

 1. Monday and Tuesday I had workdays and meetings so in preparation on Sunday, I did a TON of ironing.  I ironed about 13 outfits.  Since, we wear jeans on Fridays, that will get me through the first few weeks of school.  This was one of my best decisions ever!  I used to do it weekly and I think I am going to try to do this every few weeks instead.  

2. I also prepped by making egg muffins.  These are great! I cook and them freeze them. All I have to do is pop them in the microwave and they are ready!

3. Monday, our first day back, is when we had our Meet the Teacher Night.  That means you HAVE to come in prior to the actual first day back to get things prepped.  I had a eerie sense of calm all week long and it started with Meet the Teacher going smoothly. It went really well.
 Information was playing on the Smartboard.

 Collecting supplies that we will share.
 Google Form to fill out on Google Docs- AMAZING IDEA!!!!  This made my life SO much easier!

4. The first day back was great!  My kids are adorable, even though they are super chatty!   The first day we took our pictures with our first day of school sign.  We had a ton of learning about our classroom, rules, routines, etc.  But, we also had a little fun. A teammate suggested using Dum Dums to find a partner with the same flavor sucker and then create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting one student to another. We called this a Venn with a Friend.  It was wonderful to see how much they all had in common, even with kiddos who they didn't really know so well.

5. I finished off my first week back to school, with a trip to the Columbus Food Truck Festival.  There were over 60 trucks there and the food was delicious. The second picture is of a maple bacon donut.  I wanted nothing to do with it, until I took a bite, that is.  Oh my gosh!  It was absolutely amazing!  It tasted exactly like pancakes with maple syrup and bacon! YUM! (Tonight I had to throw my healthy eating out the window!)

That is a super condensed version of my week!  I had a fabulous week and am looking forward to a great year!  

Have you started school?  I hope you have a great year!

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  1. Your classroom looks great! I like the Venn with a Friend idea.


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