Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holly Bloggy Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holly Bloggy Christmas!
Holly Bloggy Christmas
Click on the picture above to see all of the wonderful gifts that were exchanged!
Last year, I remember reading posts about the Holly Bloggy Gift Exchange and thinking that it sounded like fun.  I am so glad that I decided to participate this year!  I loved the idea of “A few of my favorite things”. My partner was Chrissy from  Here are a few snapshots of what I sent her and why!

1.   I saw the post-it frame holders on someone’s blog and on Pinterest this past year and I have since made one for myself at home, one for myself at school, one for my assistant last year, and one for my assistant this year!  SO, I obviously decided that my exchange partner needed one as well! 
2.   I drink a TON of water all day at school and I love these cups with the lids.  I found this super cute one and thought I would pass it along to my blogging buddy!
3.   Whisper Bell- If you are not familiar with the Whisper Bell, you need to go to and learn about the Whisper Bell!  I LOVE mine and it works wonders.  I hope my Holly Bloggy Exchange partner enjoys hers too! 
4.   Last, I thought I would throw in a little something that Chrissy said she loves.  She said she loves cats and that Splat is one of her favorite.  Scholastic was having their warehouse sale and a bunch of teachers and I went to it a few weeks ago.  I found these and new I should grab them for her.  You can never have too many of your favorite books!

I loved sending off my goodies, but it was just as exciting as seeing a package on my door step! My partner was Erin from It's "Owl" Good in Kindergarten, and she sent me some fabulous goodies!  I have to admit though, that I am out of town for Christmas, so I had to open it a little early!  Ooops! 

I received the cutest blue letter K with green and white polka dotted ribbon!  Since I peeked and opened it early, my K is already on my classroom door and I have gotten a bunch of compliments!   I also received an adorable owl and the reindeer baggie is filled with the flat marbles.  I LOVED my gifts!
       I have had a great holiday so far, even though it hasn't all been too traditional, it will definitely be memorable! (Right Mom?!)  We have had a lot to laugh about at least!  I have just been happy to be around family and friends and look forward to being on vacation until Sunday.  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday as well! 

Merry Christmas!
- Michelle


  1. I love the K. I'm gonna have to make one of those for my classroom! Wasn't the exchange so fun!?!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  2. I loved the exchange! I love my letter K! I didn't have a door decoration for January, so it was perfect timing!

  3. Thanks for becoming my newest follower! I am your newest follower :) Love your blog, very cute :)

  4. Michelle, Thank you so much for the whisper bell, cup, and other super gifts. I can't wait to share the Splat books you gave me with me my class! When I go down to school today or tomorrow the post it notes will be put right on my desk. I love the holder. Thanks again! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm glad to have found a new blog to explore as well. Take care,
    First Grade Found Me

  5. Thank you ladies for following my blog! Chrissy, I am glad I found your blog as well! I had a wonderful Christmas and have enjoyed having some time to look around at the amazing blogs out there. I am glad you liked your gifts! It was fun!


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