Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Inspired...Share the LOVE Freebie!

     Today was a day in the history books as our President was inaugurated and we celebrated the importance of MLK Jr. on our country's history.  
     Martin Luther King Jr. was a model of peace and love. I felt that I should SHARE the LOVE!   In honor of MLK Jr.,  I have taken part of my Valentine's Day Math and Literacy packet and made it into a freebie! 
Click on the 100's Chart Fun picture below to grab your free copy, as I share the LOVE!

      While you are over at my TpT site, make sure to show me some LOVE by following my on TpT and by leaving your comments/feedback! 

      If you like this activity, make sure to grab the entire 52 page packet while you are there! 
    It includes:
  • Flowers for You, You, and You! Adding 3 numbers
  • -Who do You Love More? Comparing numbers with >, <, and =.
  • 100's Chart Fun- Using numbers through 120 and adding and subtracting by tens or multiples of ten.
  • Equal and Not Equal- Given an addition or subtraction problem with multiples of ten, decide if the problem is equal or not equal to the answer given.
  • Broken Hearted- Helping to repair compound words by finding the matching words that go together.
  • Noun and Verb Sort- Sorting nouns and verbs and recording the answers.
  • What Does it Mean to be a Good Friend? Writing describing words about what it means to be a good friend to someone.

- Michelle

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