Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 on the 12th Linky!

12 on the 12th Linky!
I am linking up with Simpson's Superstars for her 12 on the 12th linky party.

It is not too late to link up and share some randomness!
Here are my 12 random pictures from my day!

1.  Valentine's Day pencils for my kiddos! 
2.  My books are finally out on my shelf for President's Day!  I am feeling a little behind with having my seasonal books out on time this year.
3.  I have two hanging files like this.  They are FILLED with items for the coming weeks.  I try and have items I need copied in advance and sitting in here ready to go! 
4.  Valentine's Day Centers- Conversation Heart Graphing!  They LOVE anything that involves candy. 
5.  We are working on our patriotic books and since the students have a lot of experience now reading and writing nonfiction, the students are completing a lot of the book on their own, based on information they are gaining from nonfiction texts.  This week the students are watching a short video about the Liberty Bell on Discovery Education and then writing facts in their books.
6.  Table Captains-  We have a few students who FIGHT and RUSH to get everything first.  So, I decided to introduce table captains.  This means that one person at each table will be in charge of getting all materials and will be that table's captain/leader for the week.

7.  My NEW bin!  I have 25 math students!  They keep their math journals in a bin.  The students broke the bin last Friday and so I replaced it with a new one from Target!  I LOVE it!
8.  Reading groups-  My kiddos were having a GREAT discussion during our reading group today.  They were really feeding off each other's comments and giving evidence from the text.
9.  One of the teacher's that I had the privilege of working with last summer, created these questions to go along with our unit for reading and I have been posting them here to remind students what our essential questions are!

10.  GLUE STICKS!  AHHHH!  You can tell by that drawer that we are OUT!  O-U-T, out!  We were not allowed to ask parents for 24 glue sticks the last two years. (due to the economy)  I am in desperate need of glue sticks and I need to ask my room parent to send an email to my class, begging for them!
11.  Cubes-  We have been doing addition and subtraction of two digit numbers and the students have been using the work mats with tens and ones.  Unfortunately, I KEEP finding ones everywhere, even on days we aren't using them!  This is today's collection.
12.  Finally, my preparation to go home today!  It included my teacher bag, my lunch bag, my water jug, and my purse. 

These are some random highlights from my day!  I hope you are having a great day! 
- Michelle


  1. I love how cute you made your pictures with the chevron background. I'll have to remember that trick for next time. I feel your pain about the gluesticks, my supplies are getting LOW too. Thanks so much for taking the time to link up. . . see you in March.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  2. Thanks! I had fun linking up! My room mom sent out an amazing email today about the glue sticks and I have my fingers crossed they start pouring in!


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