Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Student Rewards

      Student Rewards-
Special Lunch with the Teacher
     For the last 5 years or so, I have had table competitions.  My student desks are set up in tables.  The students work with their tables to encourage one another to listen and follow directions.  The tables that are making good choices earn "bees".  (Our school mascot is a yellow jacket.)  I used to always purchase small goodies for the students.  At the end of the month, we count the bees to determine who wins a prize.  My kiddos LOVE when we count the bees!  The amazing teacher next to me suggested giving coupons held in an envelope and other special prizes.  This year, I have done that and the kids really look forward to finding out what is in the "Mystery Envelope".    Some of the winning prizes have been stinky feet day (students get to walk around in their socks) and stuffed animal day (the winners got to bring in stuffed animals for the day).
     The students who won in December, won a special day of lunch in the room with me!  I usually eat with the students in the cafeteria, so they really thought it was a special treat to eat in the room with me.  We listened to KidzBop on Pandora and they were dancing, chatting, and having a great time! 

     Unfortunately, I sometimes run a little behind and don't always get them counted on the last day of the month.  We just counted January's bees today!  They were SO excited to see that we had a tie!  The top two groups won a free homework pass for a spelling activity.  I had a few students JuMpInG Up and DoWn!   They were thrilled!  Since they were so excited, your students might be excited to get a night free of spelling homework too! 
Feel free to grab a copy of my homework passes that I used! Just click on the picture below!

Do you give your students group incentives?  If so, what type of incentives do you use?

Keep your eyes peeled...tomorrow is the 100th day!  I can't wait to share our fun with you!

- Michelle

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