Saturday, February 9, 2013

To the Moon! Earth in the Universe CCSS

To the Moon!

      Well this year with the Common Core Standards for Science, we added a new unit to our curriculum.  This year we needed to add Earth in the Universe to our science units.  At first, I wasn't too excited about this unit, however, my students LOVED learning about the moon, the day/night sky, and the Earth in the Universe.  I can honestly say that they learned more than I thought they would.  They probably remember more about the moon phases than I do!!
      We started out each day by listening to a song on youtube called Phases of the Moon.

 We created lapbooks that were filled with fun  moon activities! 

 I loved the night sky activity that I saw over at Rowdy in Room 300!  I grabbed her rocket freebie and her idea about the night sky and changed it slightly adding a daytime sky as well.  Then my kiddos wrote about the difference between the day and night sky.  Click HERE to head over to Rowdy in Room 300's blog about the night sky!  You can get your copy of the Earth in the Universe Writing Prompts over at my TpT store!

For my advanced readers, we have been reading The Magic Tree House Midnight on the Moon!  They are LOVING it!  I am LOVING that it has a lot of factual information.  Check out my novel study packet over at TpT!

Happy Saturday! 


  1. Too cute! And I love that Cabbage Patch!

  2. I love the Cabbage Patch Kid. I still collect them and have over 1,000!!!


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