Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Clean and Packed up for Summer!

      It is official!  My classroom has been torn apart, cleaned out, and packed up for summer.  There is something about seeing my classroom like this, that is an affirming moment that the year has really come to an end.  
       Do you have to pack up your things at your school?  Our school has gotten a little lenient with packing up.  When I first began teaching we had a budget for painting and so each summer they would paint a few walls in your classroom.  Those walls had to be absolutely cleared off!  Now, we can pretty much leave up a lot of our items.  

     Usually, the end of the year brings mixed emotions for me.  I am always ready for summer, but it is always sad to see my kiddos leave.  This coming year our school is full of changes.  We have many teachers leaving, many of our TA's were laid off, and a lot of teachers are moving grade levels.  The teacher who has taught next door to me for the past two years is retiring.  She is a wonderful teacher and I have had an amazing pleasure to work with her.  Next year will not be the same, but am hoping for the best!   

Let summer truly begin!!!


  1. I found your blog on Five for Friday. I know what you mean about mixed emotions at the end of the year. My room is packed up and ready for cleaning, and looks a little sad. My partner retired at the end of this year, so I, too am hoping for the best.

    PS I'm your newest follower!

    1. Linda, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you found my blog! I don't think it'll really hit that she has retired until next fall, I am excited for my new office mate! I hope things go well with your new partner! :)


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