Saturday, June 8, 2013

Five for Friday...School's OUT!!

     SCHOOL’S OUT!!!  That's right!  I was SO tired all week, that I was thrilled to know that Friday was the end of the year.  However, When Friday came, I was sad to see my kiddos leave.  They were so sweet that day and you could tell they were sad to leave as well.  
    I went to dinner last night in celebration and never ended up blogging for Five for Friday, so here we go!  Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to link up. 

1.  Camp Learn-A-Lot-  For almost every year that I have been teaching, this being my 8th year (I can't believe it!), I have done a camping theme to end out the year.  This is so much fun.  They don't realize how much they are still working and learning those last few days.  We go fishing for math facts, write "How to Make a Smore", make Father's Day fishing presents, take a nature hike to look for living and non-living items, etc.  

2.  Tie-Dye t-shirts and cute smiles!  I LOVE our class pictures every year with the tie-dye shirts.  They turned out really cute this year!  The first one was a regular picture and the second was a silly face picture.  You can still tell by their bodies that they were being silly!

3.  Last day of school-  Friday was our final day. Each year we have to clean and stack all of our furniture in one corner of our room.  I always have my students help on the last day.  They were wonderful helpers!  I started by making it a little fun. I always have them use shaving cream to clean first and play a little.  Then the real cleaning begins!

4. Earlier in the year I saw an idea for a red carpet on Pinterest.  I thought this was such a cute idea, so on the final day we rolled out the "red carpet", aka red paper and awarded my students with candy awards. They LOVED this!  They were so excited to walk down the "red carpet"!   I also found sticky mustaches at the Dollar Tree, so as they arrived at the front of the red carpet, I said to each student "I mustache you a question.  Are you ready for second grade?".  They all of course said yes and I gave each student a mustache.  Oh, how they loved the mustaches!  Here are some of my kiddos!

5.  Finally, a great last day of school fun fact.  While cleaning on Friday, one of my students informed another student about mustaches.  Student A, "Actually only men have mustaches".  Student B, "No, actually sometimes grandmas have mustaches.  My grandma has a mustache".  Yep!  She said it!  So, I chimed in and told her that she was correct.  As women age they too sometimes have facial hair!  We all had a good laugh!   

I have three teacher workdays this coming week, but it sure feels like summer is here!  Happy Summer!!!!!



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