Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday and A LOVE for Reading!

    I’m linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching, for another Five for Friday Linky!  This week I didn't do a whole lot.  I mean I did a few things, pack up my classroom, get a pedicure, get a haircut, blah blah, but a few of these things I have already blogged about.  SO, I decided to do my Five for Friday a little differently.  

    My summer break is finally here and I actually have time to read.  I love reading a good book.  As a first grade teacher my goal is to instill a love of reading in each of my students.  One way I do this is by expressing my love for reading.  You can ask any of my students what I do at the beach and pool (my favorite places).  They will tell you that I read! I was at the gym this morning, reading on the elliptical machine and I started thinking.  I wonder if my students think that I read "my favorite books" during my free time. I tell them that I love to read, but they think that my favorite books are my favorite children's books.  I tell them all the time about how I love certain children's books.  
     SO, to get to  my point...I decided that my Five for Friday today will be all about reading.  Today is my first Friday since school ended and I have already finished reading two books and have started a third.  I thought I would share some books today!!

1.  I read And The Mountains Echoed.  This book was wonderful and I would highly recommend it!  I started it on Sunday and finished Tuesday!  The author also wrote these other books, too!  They are all great reads.

2.  This was just a random mystery novel I chose from the library's new book section.  It was an easy, yet interesting read.  I started this on Wednesday and finished this morning!  Another good beach/pool read.  

3.  These are a few books that I read last summer or the summer before.  I loved all of these books.  I also love anything by Kristin Hannah and Jodi Picoult.  They are great authors.  

4.  Now, if you ask my students, they will probably tell you these are some of my favorite series of books.  They are partially right!  I love these characters and so I get SO excited reading them to my students in hopes that they will begin to love characters as well.  This summer I am hoping to create some more activity packets for Cam Jansen and Amelia Bedelia!

5.  This week, I started creating my TO DO list!  Each summer I work on different projects for the school year.  On the top of my list is to finally finish reading The Book Whisperer.  I am about finished, but need to read just a bit more!  Last summer I created my first ever reading journals for my students.  I had never used these before this past year and I was AMAZED at the ideas of my little readers.  This week I started revamping my ideas for my reading journals and started a mega pack for my TpT store that will include mini-anchor charts for each student to put in his/her own reading notebook and the journal prompts that we used this year for fiction and non-fiction.  I am excited to be working on this project!!  

Happy Friday!  I'm heading to the pool!!!

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