Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Talk About Books Linky- Falling in Love with Close Reading!

      I really enjoyed linking up last week for We Love Books, so here I am again!  I am linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class.  Hop on over there to see what other great books we love!
" Teaching students how to read well and helping them discover a love for reading aren't disparate goals.  I believe we must guide students toward both".  - Donalyn Miller

      The Common Core asks students to analyze texts and because of this close reading has been a hot topic lately.  Unfortunately, while I feel pretty experienced and well trained on the Common Core Standards, I also feel that close reading is a topic that I've heard a lot, but know very little about.  
     This being said, while at the library, browsing for some summer beach reads, I happened upon Falling in Love with Close Reading.  Not really a "typical" beach read, but that is what it became!  Only after reading it through, did I realize that I needed to just buy the book! (As you can see I sort of marked a TON of pages!)  
      Only after reading it through, did I realize that I needed to just buy the book! (As you can see I sort of marked a TON of pages!)  This book details ways to introduce and teach close reading to your students.  It presents close reading as something you would do when you love something and hopefully our kiddos love to read.  
       I spent much of last year encouraging my readers to LOVE reading.  I found that they really did develop a love for reading and many became excited to talk about texts and find and analyze textual evidence.  However, I love that this book explains that with close readings students should find textural evidence first and then develop their thinking from there.  
      I am really looking forward to incorporating this into my teaching this coming year.  I feel a little late to the "close reading" party and know that SO many of you have a wealth of knowledge and ideas about this topic.  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and suggestions, what you've lean red, mistakes you've made, etc.  How do you teach and incorporate close readings into your instruction?  Please share!! And remember, if you need a little something to read at the beach this summer, take a look at Falling in Love with Close Reading!

      Since this is all new to me I do not have any freebies to share.  I have found some great freebies on TpT that I am planning to use while tutoring this summer.  Take a look at these for some starters if you are new to close reading, like me!

What books do you love?  Make sure to link up and share!


  1. I haven't done too much close reading with my first graders, since we mainly focus on reading and basic comprehension of the text, but this would be a great read for me to reference when working with my higher level students. I just wish I could read it at a beach like you! :)
    Learnin' Books

    1. The beach was fabulous, but it was a short trip! Yes, I think it would work great with higher first graders.


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