Sunday, July 13, 2014

5 Things That Make Summer Awesome- Help Feed Our Students!

      I am sure you know who Kid President is by now.  I absolutely LOVE his videos.  They've made me cry sometimes or mostly smile and laugh.  When I went to click on this video that I saw on Pinterest, I was surprised when the ending went in a different direction.  It is his video called 5 Things That Make Summer Awesome! The difference with this video is that at the end he talks about the large number of children who may not eat lunch or may not eat a healthy lunch during the summer.  For those children, school is much more than just about learning.  School was a safe place that provided them with one daily meal that they could always count on.
     I am so grateful to know that at my school there is a program for free lunch during the week, where students can come to school and eat lunch and partake in a fun activity.  Unfortunately, too many of the kids invited don't come because of transportation or being at day cares, etc., but it is a good feeling knowing it is available to them.  
     However, think about the number of communities that don't have a program like that.  Those kiddos need healthy meals all year, not just on the 180 days of school.  ConAgra foods has said that for every time a person watches, likes, or shares this video, they will donate to Feeding America until July 31st!  

P.S. "If you don't like popsicles, there is something wrong with your brain". Haha Good thing I love popsicles!! 


  1. He is so fun to watch. Thanks for sharing this important message!

  2. Thanks for this reminder, it is so true and sad.

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